19-Year Old Beauty Entrepreneur, Precious Osuji, Launches New Marketing Company

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Digital marketing has become a tool for brands as well as talents to showcase their creativity to the world. Makeup artists and cosmetic brands are no exception here. It takes months or even years of consistent effort to reach the target audience, build credibility in the public eye, and find consumers or audiences. Precious Osuji, now known as New Mahogany, the founder and CEO of Mahogany Media Marketing, is offering a shortcut with her impeccable digital marketing skills.

Mahogany Media Marketing or Mahogany Media is a premium digital marketing agency focused on helping artists and brands in the beauty industry. Founded by a professional make-up artist turned entrepreneur, Precious Osuji, the digital marketing firm specifically caters to the marketing needs of beauty-preneurs and cosmetic brands. Precious Osuji is a 19-year-old MUA, model, talk show host, and upcoming producer who has already gained a few years of experience in the beauty industry. She describes Mahogany Media as an “Agency geared towards helping people in every industry I work in.” She says, “I am specifically looking to work with freelance makeup artists, cosmetic brands, and makeup institutions, but I will not rest when it comes to providing value to those in the fashion, film, music, and media industries as well.”

Precious was only 17 when she started her journey into the business world. During the pandemic, she decided to utilize her time to pursue her interests at a higher level. Since then, she traveled across the country as a beauty entrepreneur. She has represented top makeup brands and has worked as a makeup artist for models in famous magazines in the US. This helped her develop valuable connections within the makeup and beauty industry while still in high school. After graduating from The Makeup School NYC by Nina MUA, and leveraging her insight into the industry, Precious realized the urgent need for MUAS, models, and brands to be in the spotlight on social media. That’s when she came up with the idea to launch Mahogany Media Marketing.

According to Precious, “Makeup is never just about the product. The product must go on a canvas. Therefore it is imperative that the model and the brand have equal representation. I intend to help people and brands in my industry build their online platforms and enhance their digital appearance”. Precious knows that an all-inclusive digital marketer will not understand this industry so well because of its niche consumers. Digital marketing is something where a general approach doesn’t work. This is where she wants Mahogany Media to stand out by offering performance-driven results.

Through her company, Precious is looking forward to helping brands and artists gain new clients, showcase skills to a larger audience, and teach more students. To provide a comprehensive marketing service encompassing all aspects of digital promotion, Precious also launched a sister company, Kemet Content. This subsidiary company is focused on creating stunning content for killer marketing campaigns.

Kemet Content is a subscription photo shoot agency aimed at brands, models, and content creators. The company is partnered with Yveline Models as well as a list of high end photographers to work closely with Mahogany Media by catering to the photography needs of its clients. The CEO, Yveline Dossous, is a supermodel turned pilates instructor who shares a similar interest in grooming models and getting them seen and represented. Together, Mahogany Media, Yveline Models, and Kemet Content will brainstorm unique marketing ideas and content to ensure every campaign brings long-term results for the brands, models, and makeup artists.

Precious believes that every brand and individual in the beauty industry deserves to shine, and digital marketing shouldn’t hold them back. She looks forward to working with makeup brands and institutions of all levels. She also aspires to help independent makeup artists create successful careers with Mahogany Media Marketing.

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