Brickbats: January 2024

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News of Florida politicians, police, and bureaucrats behaving badly.

Charles Oliver and Peter Bagge |

bb4 | Illustrations: Peter Bagge

(Illustrations: Peter Bagge)

Kary Jarvis spent more than a year behind bars facing multiple felony charges after a traffic stop that left two Daytona Beach police officers injured. But video of the stop showed that after officers gave Jarvis a warning they asked multiple times to search his vehicle; each time he refused. Officers then ordered Jarvis out of his vehicle for them to search. Jarvis instead drove off, dragging the officers along as they clung to the car. When a judge saw the video, she ruled that “Mr. Jarvis was unlawfully detained after his first denial of consent. Had officers allowed Mr. Jarvis to leave, as he was entitled to, no one would have gotten hurt. The injuries resulted from the officers’ own illegal activity.”

(Illustration: Peter Bagge)

When Jennifer Heath Box scanned her ID while disembarking from a cruise in Port Everglades in 2022, the database alerted officials to an outstanding felony child endangerment warrant for 25-year-old Jennifer Heath. Even though Box was 49 and had a different name, a Broward County sheriff’s deputy insisted on taking her into custody. Jail intake officers found Box’s driver’s license number did not match the warrant, but the arresting deputy insisted she looked like the photo of the wanted woman. After three days in jail, including Christmas Day, the sheriff’s office determined Box wasn’t the right woman and released her.

St. Cloud Police Officer Dianne Ferreira was charged with credit card fraud of more than $100 over allegations that she used a dead man’s credit card on personal purchases. Officials said Ferreira responded to a medical call where a man had gone into cardiac arrest and died. She reportedly took photos of the man’s credit card and used it on gas, fast food, eyelash extensions, and a stay in a hotel.

Orlando Police Officer Alexander Shaouni was charged with resisting an officer, reckless driving, and fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer. A Seminole County sheriff’s deputy clocked Shaouni doing 82 mph in a 45 mph zone while driving a marked patrol car without his lights or siren on. When the deputy tried to stop Shaouni, he fled. When Shaouni finally did stop, bodycam video showed him getting angry when the deputy tried to question him. “I am going into work, my man,” he said. “Why are you trying to pull me over as I’m going into work?”

(Illustration: Peter Bagge)

Osceola County Deputy David Crawford was charged with misdemeanor culpable negligence with personal injury after firing his Taser at a man covered in gasoline, causing the man to explode in flames. Jean Barreto was wanted for reckless driving for reportedly popping wheelies on a dirt bike in traffic. Barreto was pumping gas at a service station when Crawford tackled him. Barreto spilled gas over himself, and when Crawford fired his Taser it ignited the gasoline, leaving Barreto with second- and third-degree burns over at least 75 percent of his body.

Orange County Public Schools placed middle school teacher Ethan Hooper on leave over political videos he posted to TikTok that were shot in school and involved students. One video indicated the school system was banning books, including the dictionary. In another, white students bowed down to black students. Some of the students appeared to be amused by what was going on. In April 2023, the school board voted against terminating Hooper.

(Illustration: Peter Bagge)

Two Transportation Security Administration officers at Miami International Airport were charged with felony grand theft for stealing from travelers going through airport security. The officers were charged with stealing from only two victims, but they confessed to numerous thefts and claimed to have stolen an average of $1,000 daily while working together.

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