Could signing Dalvin Cook put Jets over the top?

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Dalvin Cook is visiting the Jets

Dalvin Cook is visiting the Jets
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Free agent running back Dalvin Cook is still on the open market as we enter the month of August. When he was released in June by the Minnesota Vikings, rumors were floating all over the internet about where he could end up, and still, nothing has come to fruition. Now it’s been reported that he’s set to meet with the New York Jets, a place many thought he might land since they’ve gone all in on making a Super Bowl run over the next couple of years.

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In a perfect world, a player coming off four consecutive Pro Bowl selections, and no less than 1,135 yards in each of those seasons would’ve been scooped up by some desperate team needing RB help immediately. Unfortunately, that’s not how today’s NFL works, especially for those in the offensive backfield not playing quarterback.

Cook met with the Miami Dolphins, and it recently came out that whatever they offered wasn’t nearly enough for him to sign with the team. Adding Cook to what is already viewed as the fastest offense in the league in some people’s eyes would’ve been devastating to the AFC East. That’s not to say they couldn’t double back and try again if the Jets don’t make it happen, but for now, Miami seems to be off the table.

Since the Jets are going for the gusto, it only seems fitting that they’d attempt to bring in another big name like Cook, who looks to still have a few more big years left in him. That’s one reason former Dallas Cowboys All-Pro back Ezekiel Elliott is still a free agent. Some think he’s completely washed. Elliott is a three-time Pro Bowler but hasn’t made it since 2019. His last couple of years in Dallas were lackluster at best compared to his first three to four years in the NFL. The two RBs are only weeks apart in age, but one could be signed soon, while the other may continue to sit as we get closer to the start of the regular season.

Should all go well with the Jets and Cook, it shouldn’t be long before we find out if he’ll be wearing that green jersey, and lining up behind a future Hall of Fame QB this season. New York needs to get this done and round out their “super team” to give themselves the best odds of making a legit run this year. They’re in one of the toughest divisions in the league and need to stock up as much talent as possible. Even if this is a move to keep him away from another team in the division, like the Dolphins. Get it done, and get it done now.

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