Curt Schilling is having a Hall of Fame week at being human scum

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Curt Schilling is what we thought he would be.

Curt Schilling is what we thought he would be.
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If making headlines for acting as inhumanely as possible could be a goal in life, Curt Schilling is having an impeccable week. 

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The longtime Red Sox pitcher’s exacta of idiocy played out this week with his intentions descending further into foolishness at every turn. It was first brought to light that Schilling shared the cancer diagnosis of former teammate Tim Wakefield without the family’s permission. Schilling even admitted that he didn’t know if Wakefield wanted the news shared. Schilling’s revelations didn’t stop there, also saying that Wakefield’s wife, Stacy, has pancreatic cancer.

Why did Schilling decide to share the news without checking with the Wakefield family? Apparently, it’s because he’s seen the “power of prayer work” and his faith and beliefs trump any confidentiality the Wakefields wanted.

The Red Sox acknowledged the ordeal on Thursday, putting out a statement.

“We are aware of the statements and inquiries about the health of Tim and Stacy Wakefield,” Boston’s statement read. “Unfortunately, this information has been shared publicly without their permission. Their health is a deeply personal matter they intended to keep private as they navigate treatment and work to tackle this disease. Tim and Stacy are appreciative of the support and love that has always been extended to them and respectfully ask for privacy at this time.”

The Red Sox’s statement is the team’s professional way of distancing themselves from someone who should be a cult hero. Instead, it’s clear Schilling is part of the cult that believes their religious beliefs are greater than everyone else’s priorities. Putting further credence to how much of an abhorrent individual Schilling is was evident on his social media, where he reposted a message condoning Nazism and antisemitism earlier this week.

The statement came from another user whose social media is splattered with antisemitic material and not-so-subtly hints at “The Final Solution” being a good thing. One of the most heinous acts in human history being a good thing in Schilling’s eyes? It’s hard not to see just how much of a dirtbag this guy has become.

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