Digital Marketing Expert Glenn Page Is Teaching Business Owners How to Achieve 10X Sales Growth

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Establishing a thriving business is every entrepreneur’s dream. It’s the realization of a long-term dream to be your boss. However, it’s time to turn your attention to growing and scaling the enterprise to the next level. This includes expanding your brand’s presence while attracting potential clients and converting the leads into revenue. That’s why building a steady stream of new leads is essential to maximize your chances of success. However, it’s simpler said than done for some entrepreneurs.

That said, you can easily procure the services of top digital marketing experts such as Glenn Page, who shares significant experience in the field. Glenn is a former financial accountant and math teacher with a solid passion for the marketing field. He leveraged his skills and experiences to pursue his passion for marketing, and he is becoming one of the highly sought-after digital markers in the country.

Glenn is the founder and CEO of Digital Page Marketing, an agency helping business owners realize their entrepreneurial goals. He teaches business owners how to achieve 10x sales growth by utilizing cutting-edge AI and social media technologies. Glenn believes this technology plays a major role in modern marketing, helping entrepreneurs dominate in their respective markets, from professional medical services to roofers and everything in between. Digital Page Marketing offers various services, including influencer campaigns, SEO, and website building. The brand offers all new clients a free website analysis for existing sites helping you establish a solid foundation for your marketing campaign.

According to Glenn, marketers use social media for many purposes, from finding brand advocates to increasing exposure to refining and customizing the customer journey. Also, using artificial intelligence in marketing is a popular strategy to increase customer revenue. These two combine to offer an unrivaled strategy to overcome the greatest marketing obstacle, creating new leads. “We largely use cutting-edge AI digital strategies and tactics to generate leads for businesses using social media platforms,” Glenn says.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, AI is frequently employed. This is because AI marketing includes data and profile analysis to figure out the best ways to get in touch with clients, then automatically send relevant, personalized messages at the right moment. Many modern digital marketers employ AI to assist with tactical jobs that demand less nuanced judgment than can be provided by human workers. Also, Glenn says that entrepreneurs constantly want to know how effective the marketing campaign is, which is very much possible with AI.

Now that you have the leads, Glenn advises going the extra mile to create a human touch with your potential clients. We might be living in a digitally-driven economy, but consumers still crave a human touch. Therefore, AI will give you the resources and time, but it’s your customer service team to convert the leads to clients.

The passionate marketer believes that AI is the marketing tool every business needs if they want to thrive in highly-competitive, digitally-influenced markets.

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