Donald Trump Promises to Empower Parents, Vows to Defeat Gender Ideology Cult

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While other Republicans tease possible presidential campaigns, former President Donald Trump is getting into the swing of the season early, making the rounds in New Hampshire and South Carolina. His latest announcements and speeches have focused on a demographic that, up until the last few years, had been largely ignored by the Republican Party — parents.

Perhaps taking a cue from Governor Glenn Youngkin’s 2021 victory in Virginia, the former POTUS is coming out strong in support of parents and against everyone else who thinks they know better about what our children need. This messaging is undoubtedly a nod to the increasing popularity of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who many believe is the best contender against Trump for the GOP nomination.

As usual, Trump didn’t mince words and promised significant deliverables. Will it resonate with voters more than the track record of his closest Republican competitor from the Sunshine State? Let’s take a look at what ‘The Donald’ had to say.

Democrats FORCED your child to wear a mask at school, want boys COMPETING in girls’ sports, and INDOCTRINATE students with Critical Race Theory.

President Trump is the ONLY leader who will END this madness and give power back to parents!

— Kimberly Guilfoyle (@kimguilfoyle) January 27, 2023

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What is the Plan?

On Saturday, Donald Trump gave a speech in South Carolina, laying out numerous tasks his administration would tackle if, or as he puts it, when he’s back in the White House.

In an overarching statement, Mr. Trump said “We’re going to stop the left wing radical racists and perverts who are trying to indoctrinate our youth, and we’re going to get their Marxists hands off of our children.”

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He certainly doesn’t mince words and has no issues calling a spade a spade, so to speak. He went on to take a direct jab at the gender ideology camp, promising “to defeat the cult of gender ideology and reaffirm that God created two genders called men and women.”

Under a potential second Trump term, no more identifying as ‘ze’ or ‘tree’; you are either a ‘he’ or a ‘her,’ and that’s the end of that. I can literally feel the exaggerated panic of rich liberals as they feverishly tweet and post warnings of the end of times. 

“We’re not going to allow men to play in women’s sports,” he said as well during the campaign tour. “And by so doing, you know what happens, we’re going to save the dignity of women, and we’re going to save women’s sports itself.”

How ironic is it that one of the loudest champions of women’s rights in sports is a man commonly thought of as one of the most misogynistic men in the country?

TRUMP: “We’re going to defeat the cult of gender ideology, and reaffirm that God created two genders called men and women.”

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) January 28, 2023

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The Man Who Can Get it Done

Earlier last week, the former President rolled out his 2024 Education Policy Plan. The plan includes various initiatives to include a plan to “cut federal funding for any school pushing far-left sexual or political content on our children.”

In response to the recent controversy in Virginia regarding high schools withholding information regarding merit awards, the plan also promises full on “civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination.”

However, the most exciting aspect of his plan speaks directly to educators’ talent pool or lack thereof. In his video rollout.

“As the saying goes, personnel is policy and at the end of the day if we have pink-haired communists teaching our kids we have a major problem,” Trump stated.

Clearly, the former President has been following the Libs of Tik Tok account on social media. His plan touches on this problem in public schools by daring to promise the abolishment of teacher tenure, explaining that this would mean the removal of underperforming teachers and the adoption of merit based pay to reward those doing well.

Of course, it would take a businessman to come up with that concept versus a politician who is more interested in maintaining the status quo than, you know… results and efficiency. 

It’s time to end wokeness in our schools. @realDonaldTrump wants to implement direct elections of school principals by the parents, as the ultimate form of local control.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 27, 2023

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Power to the Parents

Jumping on the Parental Rights bandwagon, the former President came out strong this weekend to support what has become a rising giant in the country’s constituency. In a shocking statement that for sure had the likes of Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten falling into an apoplectic fit, Mr. Trump dared to claim parents, “more than anyone else,” know what their children need.

Whoa, hold on there, pal! You mean to say that the individuals who carried their babies, fed them, cloth them, kept them safe, and are the primary investors in their future know best about what those little beings need? What a remarkable concept.

“When I’m president, we will put parents back in charge and give them the final say,” he further promised.

So what exactly does that mean? Many Republican politicians have promised the same but with somewhat nebulous details. The former President laid out a specific policy that would be a game-changer for public schools in this country

“If any Principal is not getting the job done, the parents should be able to vote to fire them and select someone who will.”

Now that is a tall promise. It is hard to say if that can be enacted at the federal level, but what a world we would live in if parents had the power to elect or fire their public school principals. 

No negotiation #parentalrights

— Moms for Liberty (@Moms4Liberty) January 29, 2023

Right-Wing Extremists!

As usual, the left-wing media wigged out over the former President’s promises. For example, Politico published an article titled ‘Trump unveils new education policy loaded with culture war proposals,” as if the right wing of this country started the culture war. 

MSNBC published on their website an opinion piece hilariously titled “Trump wants to turn schools into an ultra right-wing indoctrination pipeline.” 

We have an epidemic of teachers droning on about sexuality to elementary and middle school kids, pushing choosing their genders behind their parent’s backs, and telling the white kids they are inherently racist and the black kids are destined to be victims. Instead, maybe we’d have teachers focusing on reading and math, teaching it’s ok to be patriotic while still acknowledging we live in a less-than-perfect union and that anything is possible if you work hard and have a positive attitude.

Middle school teacher shows off assignment where students pledged to attend pride parades and become activists for the LGBTQ+ community

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) January 5, 2023

Oh man, I can see why the left-wing ideologues would panic at this thought.

“We’re at the end of the list on education and yet we spend the most, but we’re going to be tops in education no matter where you go anywhere in the world,” claimed Trump.

Let’s hope he’s right because the education of our youth is tied directly to our success as a country. 

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