Get a Grip on Your Business: Verve Team Solutions Unlocks Vision, Traction, and Healthy Growth

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A business needs both vision and leadership to find success. Unfortunately, no degree or business program can teach you this because as an entrepreneur you need to develop them on the field. This is where Verve Team Solutions is helping aspiring new entrepreneurs convert their dream into a vision. The company is working with them hands-on to help their leadership teams find healthy growth through a proven model that has worked for over 19,000 companies worldwide.

Verve Team Solutions is founded and managed by Jesse Friedman. He is a professional EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer with a rich background in sales, business management, and entrepreneurship. EOS has a franchise model that he owns as a franchisee and runs through Verve Team Solutions. The company works with small to mid-level size businesses to help their leadership teams develop Vision, Traction, and a Healthy growth system. Vision is to get everyone in the company to align to a mission or goal that they understand and value. Traction is to instill discipline and accountability to achieve that goal. Healthy growth comes by building a cohesive, functional, and supportive team under dependable leadership.

Starting his career with a Low Voltage Distribution Company, Jesse climbed the ranks to become the top salesperson in the organization. He was promoted to a management position where he rescued the company’s Sacramento, CA office and opened another successful branch in the Bay Area. He left the job to chase his passion for entrepreneurship. Out of the first two ventures he started, one scaled up in just 2 years, which he later sold. He then worked for a mid size company as the vice president and later joined a mid size wireless integrator company as the CRO. Here, he was introduced to EOS and soon became obsessed with the power of the “people operating system”.

Through Verve Team Solutions, Jesse is pursuing his passion for coaching aspiring business owners and helping them implement a proven system to find measurable growth. He has worked with businesses of different sizes and industries ranging from a 2-person IOT company to a 150-employee AV Integrator. His clientele comprises retailers, dental surgeons, logistic companies, etc. His goal is to positively impact the world by helping entrepreneurs thrive. He believes that better business creates a better lifestyle, which is how he can impact the lives of entrepreneurs and also their families and communities.

Successful entrepreneurship comes with a price, and it’s not always just the hard work. Sometimes you might fail to spend quality time with your family or lose contact with your friends. Jesse knows because he has also been there. He describes his experience as “I know their pain, and I sold my company because it was consuming me. My family sat me down and said they missed me being there. If I had EOS, I could have continued, but I did not. Once I discovered the power it could have in people’s lives, I had to do this full time.”

Jesse knows “what it is like to be a visionary yet not have the playbook on how to build a business and have a life outside of it.” Verve Team Solutions is his initiative to help entrepreneurs build successful ventures without sacrificing other important things in life. It is not a quick fix but a process. He calls it the “EOS life”, which is “doing what you love, with people you love, being compensated appropriately, and with time for other passions.”

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