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Your inbox is crowded. Every publication, brand and creator offers a newsletter, and we don’t take our place among them lightly.

That’s why we’re re-inventing our offering to make it even more, well, essential: one newsletter, all of the BBC, just once a week.

The Essential List, our Friday dispatch, has had an upgrade. If you’ve already subscribed, you’re used to seeing a selection of our long-read features that are perfect for weekend reading.

Those aren’t going away, but our world-class editors are handpicking them alongside podcast soundbites, news bullet points, and must-see documentary clips to recap everything you might’ve missed.

This isn’t a nonstop news feed (we have another newsletter for that) or a targeted delivery all about one specific topic (sport, the Royal Family – we have those too).

The Essential List is the one-stop shop for a busy reader who just wants the best of it all, in a format that’s as digestible in a quick scroll as it is entertaining enough for a whole commute. Glance at it between meetings or find a hammock to read it in; that’s up to you.

For a new way to find can’t-miss news, quick videos and our favourite long reads of the week, sign up for The Essential List here.

The Essential List is just one of a growing slate of newsletters from the BBC on topics ranging from the Royal Family to sport and, of course, breaking news. Explore all those available to you here.

Laura Norkin

Executive Managing Editor, Global Features

The Essential List is available to readers outside the UK. For UK readers, a range of BBC News newsletters are available. Sign up here.

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