Golfer Paige Spiranac Has Had Enough Questions About Her Body

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The golfer influencer Paige Spiranac, who is frequently questioned about her attire choices out on the links, is speaking out this week to address some rumors about her body. Spiranac admitted that she gets “annoyed” by questions about whether or not her breasts are real.

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— Paige Spiranac (@Paigespirana986) November 1, 2023

Spiranac Shuts Down Rumors

“They’ve actually gotten a lot bigger, and so I can see a lot of people being confused by like when I first started this,” Spiranac, 30,  said of her breasts in a Q&A on her Instagram page, according to Fox News. “I’ve always had, like, a chest, but not like this. And it’s because I’ve gained weight and I’ve talked about all those reasons.

“But I can see why people question it, and they’re confused sometimes because it’s like, one week they’re here and one week they’re there and, like, next year they’re here and it’s like, what is going on? I don’t know. I don’t know,” she continued. “It’s just that the human body is a magical thing.”

After seeing her comments, we could not help but be reminded of this clip.

Spiranac, who is a former All-Mountain West Conference golfer, confirmed earlier this year that she has never had breast augmentation surgery.

“I weighed significantly less [back then], and since they are real, they change depending on weight loss and weight gain,” she said, according to Page Six. “There are a bunch of different changes — hormonal, weight gain — that make them change size.”

Paige Spiranac

— SFW Stars! (@SFWStars) October 25, 2023

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Spiranac Criticized For Her Clothing

Spiranac previously addressed the constant criticisms she gets for the clothing that she wears back in September.

“I was a gymnast before I switched into golf,” Spiranac told Sports Illustrated. “I was so comfortable wearing spandex and very little of it because that’s just what you wear when you’re wearing a leotard and you’re competing.

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“When I switched into golf, we were struggling a little bit financially, and so I didn’t have the luxury to go out and buy a whole new golf-appropriate wardrobe. And so, I wore what was in my closet, which was workout clothes,” she added. “That’s just how I learned to play the game.”

Spiranac went on to say that she wonders why golfers can’t wear the kinds of clothing that other athletes are permitted to wear.

“That was always my mindset when I got into golf, and it really rubs people the wrong way, which is shocking,” she said. “They’ll have really intense discussions over if they should wear shorts or pants or a blade collar or a real collar, and I’m just out here just in tank tops or spandex and people are like, ‘What are you doing?’ But I love it.”

“But we’re starting to see that change and fashion is a big part of growing the game, and it’s moving in the right direction,” she continued.

Paige Spiranac – Miss Freddy Krueger 10/24/2023

— James Martin (@jamesma86346295) October 25, 2023

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Spiranac ‘Wanted To Be Taken Seriously’

While appearing on the  “Twin Talk” podcast last week, Spiranac revealed that there was a time when she started wearing turtle necks in the hopes that covering up more would stop people from sending her hateful comments.

“I wanted to be taken seriously as a professional golfer and no matter what I did, no matter what I posted, I would get hate,” Spiranac said. “There was one time where I wore a full turtleneck [and] leggings. I was completely covered from head to toe, and people were upset with my outfit.”

“When that happened, I just said, ‘OK, well I’m just going to do what I want to do, and I’m going wear what I want to wear and if people like it, great and if they dislike it, OK great,’” she added. “That’s why you can’t control what other people say or the judgment that they have because they see a small little portion of your life.”

Paige Spiranac – Clowning Around 10/25/2023

— James Martin (@jamesma86346295) October 25, 2023

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