Hero LA Dad Who Opened Fire On Masked Intruders Is Stripped Of His Concealed Carry Permit

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Earlier this month, we reported on a viral video that showed a Los Angeles father whipping out his gun and opening fire on two masked intruders who were trying to break into his home while his wife and baby were inside. Now, this father is claiming that he has been stripped of his firearm permit in the wake of this incident.

Vince Ricci has 2nd amendment rights revoked after successfully defending his family in his own driveway. California is the worst run state in this country and it’s not even close. If this man shouldn’t have a concealed carry permit, then who should??


— Glenda (@Glendaragnarson) November 17, 2023

Homeowner Has Firearm Permit Revoked

Daily Mail reported that Vince Ricci has been identified as the father who pulled out his gun to protect his family from two intruders. He’s now taken part in a video for the National Rifle Association in which he’s revealed that his concealed carry has been “revoked” after he successfully stopped the two intruders from breaking into his $2 million home.

“After successfully defending my home and my family and my five-month-old child, California has now decided to suspend my Second Amendment [rights],” Ricci said.

Vince Ricci was coming back to his LA home on a quiet evening when two robbers jumped his wall and pointed guns at his chest.

But they weren’t ready for what was about to happen. He had a gun of his own and defended himself.

Now, California is suspending his Second Amendment. pic.twitter.com/sF0O76eO1M

— NRA (@NRA) November 17, 2023

Ricci later said that he was told on Thursday by the sheriff’s office that his firearm permit was suspended because he had been “yelling” at officers. This came after he publicly accused the Los Angeles Police Department of “sloppy police work,” alleging that they had been negligent about picking up casings found near his home as evidence.

Ricci lamented that it took him months to even get his concealed carry permit in the first place, as they are harder to obtain in the liberal-run state of California than in other states.

“My situation is unique because it happened at my front door, all on camera, but this happens time and time again all over the country,” Ricci said. “People sweep it under the rug because it doesn’t behoove their political agenda. The fact is, evil will always exist.”

This wasn’t even the first time Ricci and his family had been targeted by criminals, as their home was previously burglarized back in June, with those perpetrators never being caught. One month before that, Ricci’s car was broken into.

Los Angeles homeowner fights back against armed intruders, gets into shootout that forces them to flee empty-handed. #2A pic.twitter.com/UtQ1G2UNKQ

— Anny (@anny25717503) November 6, 2023

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Backstory: California Homeowner Flips The Script On Armed Intruders By Pulling Out His Own Gun

NRA Defends Ricci 

The NRA released a statement saying that it is “proud to have Vince as a fellow NRA member,” adding that it is “reprehensible” that his concealed carry permit has been revoked.

“His decisive actions to protect his wife and daughter embody the core principles that NRA members fight for every day,” said NRA spokesperson Billy McLaughlin. “It’s reprehensible that California is shredding his Second Amendment rights after he defended his family.”

McLaughlin went on to accuse California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon’s of turning Los Angeles and the state as a whole into a “war zone” with their pro-criminal policies.

“The NRA stands with Vince and every responsible gun owner in California, firmly committed to defending their rights to protect their families and communities,” McLaughlin continued.

Los Angeles crime statistics state that there were 718 robberies in the city between October 1 and October 28. There have been 7,111 robberies in 2023 alone, a number that is up from the year before.

Terrifying surveillance video! A Los Angeles homeowner turned the tables on a pair of home invaders, getting into a shootout that forced the robbers to flee empty-handed. https://t.co/tsKqLV5S29 pic.twitter.com/WB9jp8ZhmA

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) November 6, 2023

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‘I Was Willing To Die For My Family’

After the surveillance footage of Ricci shooting at the masked intruders went viral, he said he’d do whatever it took to protect his family.

“I guess they decided to try to come at me and come in the house but I have a five-month-old baby and a wife and a nanny in the house and that wasn’t going to happen,” Ricci told ABC7 7. “There was nothing in my house that was worth dying for. But I was willing to die for my family.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

It’s nothing short of despicable that Ricci has since had his Second Amendment rights violated by having his concealed carry permit revoked. The state of California needs to take action to rectify this immediately.

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