I have some feelings about the Tiger Woods-Nike breakup

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Just when I was ready to declare that there is nothing to believe in on this planet, I feel even more comfortable making that declaration now that Tiger Woods will no longer be wearing that red Nike shirt on Sundays.

Woods announced on Xwitter on Monday that the 27-year relationship between him and the company from Oregon has come to an end. He expressed his gratitude for his years as one of the featured Nike athletes, and informed the world that he is beginning “a new chapter.”

Whatever his next venture will be, I assume it will serve him better than Nike currently is able to, but I am still going to take a moment to indulge in a bit of melancholy as more of my youth fades into the abyss.

As popular as Michael Jordan is, I never truly associated him with the Nike swoosh. The jumpman logo has been his personal brand since the late 1980s. The old commercials would end with a V.O. signoff “Air Jordan, from Nike.” LeBron James has a lifetime contract with Nike, but he, too, is his own empire.

Woods and that swoosh fit like his hand in one of his golf gloves. He has worn a custom logo from Nike on his hat in recent years, however, he won that last Masters Championship in 2019 while donning the swoosh on the black hat and the red shirt. His affiliation with Nike is like the mayhem guy with Allstate and the old “Like a Rock” song with Chevrolet.

Never did I ever think there would be a day when Woods would swing a golf club with something other than a swoosh on his chest. He ended his statement with, “see you in LA.” That means in early February at the Genesis Invitational Woods will unveil a new look.

Breakups are a part of life. The cringey yet endearing relationship between Gerri and Roman ended on Succession. Cardi B and Offset are again navigating issues, and, of course, one of the most unfortunate breakups of all time is the bromance between Jordan and Charles Barkley.

The public should not have a vested interest in people’s private relationships, but who doesn’t root for love, or at least consistency? Certain people and things just feel like they are meant to be together. That is why the writers on Abbott Elementary won’t just hand over a Gregory and Janine romance. It feels just right, and the viewers need to work a little harder for that feeling to be rewarded.

They should be together forever, just like Nike and Tiger Woods. From the public’s perspective, the two were great together. They made each other better, and looked great as a pair on a Christmas card.

After nearly 30 years together, they have decided to choose the streets, and go their separate ways. The rest of us are shaking our heads while wistfully looking out the window and wondering if there really is such a thing as a love for life.

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