If Daniel Jones’ 2023 season were a movie, it would be Jaden Smith’s After Earth, because it sucked

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Starting quarterbacks and leading actors have a lot in common — they can carry a franchise, a lot of them and tall, and handsome, and require an undefinable level of charisma to be successful. And, as is the case in football, and Hollywood, one bad IMDB/Pro Football Reference entry can sink your career.

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Enter Daniel Jones’ 2023 offering: 1-5 as a starter, 909 yards, two touchdown passes, six picks, and one fumble lost. He did have a career-high completion percentage, and added 200 yards on the ground, but ended up averaging more yards per rushing attempt than passing attempt. His final QB rating was 37.2.

This was Jaden Smith’s After Earth, or Taylor Kitsch’s John Carter. Danny Dimes turned in one above-average season, and Joe Schoen handed him the keys to the studio. How much money did Amazon Prime commit to Rings of Power? That’s basically what the Giants gave Jones.

OK, it might not be that bad; only $81 million of the QB’s new four-year, $160 million contract is guaranteed, and one season of Rings of Power cost $465 million. Ideally, the Giants cut their losses like Marvel did with The Eternals.

When you consider half of Jones’ deal will likely be over by the time he gets on the field again, it might not be the worst idea to release him, and take the cap hit. What’s that? The dead cap hit would be $22 million higher than Jones’ actual cap hit? Perfect.

Even if Jones is on the Breece Hall ACL rehab plan, there’s no way Brian Daboll can go back to using him like Josh Allen, right? RIGHT?!

Daniel Jones has had a couple of neck injuries, now a torn ACL, and if this abysmal 2023 season isn’t further proof that he’s not a leading man, I don’t know how much more evidence is needed. New York spent exorbitantly to surround Jones with a solid supporting cast, and brought in one of the hottest directors on the planet, and the Giants still bombed bigger than Fast X.

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