Is one of the greatest tennis players of all time ‘Royal Hen’ on The Masked Singer?

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I’ve seen every single episode of FOX’s reality singing competition show The Masked Singer. It might seem dumb to some, and parts of it are over-the-top weird, but there’s a lot to enjoy about the show. And I know I’m not alone, as it’s airing its 10th season now, with a new episode airing Wednesday night celebrating Elton John. And before the show hits your television screens, I have a severe hunch as to who is under the “Royal Hen” costume, and thanks to a social-media mistake, we’ll find out after 60 minutes whether I’m right or not. But bet on me being right thanks to my track record. And without further ado: I believe it’s Billie Jean King.

During the premiere episode of the season, the first clue for “Royal Hen” was revealed, stating how she’s known around the world because of “what I did.” Well, obviously, King is a world-famous tennis player, which suffices the clue, but it goes deeper than that as she’s been a vocal advocate for women and people from all backgrounds. The extra clues provided before the show by Entertainment Weekly only back up my theory, beyond the singer’s voice, which fits King, who will turn 80 next month.

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The yet-to-be-aired clue package reportedly mentions how “Royal Hen” is going to “hold court” and is a “true trailblazer.” Time to switch my guess to Damian Lillard! Just kidding, although he’d be great on a future season once he gets settled in Milwaukee. Obviously mentioning the court is a tennis reference and beating Bobby Riggs during a Battle of Sexes match, along with her numerous on-court accolades, points to King as the celebrity guest. Other sports references are also reportedly made in the package.

Of course, the show’s researchers did their due diligence, and placing King on the episode dedicated to Elton John would be no mistake. He wrote the song she’s singing about King. “Philadelphia Freedom” was a reference to the now-defunct World Team Tennis squad, the Philadelphia Freedoms, for whom King was the team’s player-coach for their only season in existence. Singing the song written about her isn’t against the show’s rules and we’ll see if Robin Thicke or Nicole Scherzinger know enough about music to put all these pieces together. I have less faith in Ken Jeong, even with his hot start to the season of guessing Anthony Anderson, and Tom Sandoval correctly. Even with all the clues, nothing’s official until tonight’s episode airs. Don’t bet against it being King though.

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