Janey Jerome Launches JNJ Global Media Marketing with Exciting Services

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The marketing industry is growing rapidly as demand increases. But developing great strategies and delivering promised results can be quite daunting. But JNJ Global Media’s talented team has developed tailor-made methods that work for each brand according to their requirements.

JNJ Global Media is run by a resilient and dedicated entrepreneur, Janey C Jerome. She is hard-working by nature and knows how to survive during the most challenging times. Janey grew up in a poor, war-torn country, and her family had to flee to fight for their lives. At the age of 5, Janey became a refugee as she and her family left their home country.

Janey’s family first arrived in Thailand and lived in a refugee camp for 2 years. This was one of the most painful periods of her life. She and her family were fed the same food, and they received barely enough to live. Not being provided the most basic necessities necessitated Janey’s decision to work to find a way to escape their life in the refugee camp.

This led to Janey taking charge and finding a way to barter cooking oil and rice through Thai markets. Even though they were not allowed to work or have a business, Janey’s persistence helped her find a way. After bartering day and night, her hard work helped them purchase food, medicines, and books.

Janey eventually decided to teach herself English to find better work opportunities. She paid for her English classes from the money she would earn selling tuna, oil, and rice. She juggled various tasks, such as running her oil and rice business, learning her native language, and taking English classes.

These experiences made Janey stronger, and she’s now able to get through any situation with a problem-solving mindset. Today, her marketing company, JNJ Global Media, is doing remarkably well and helping other businesses succeed. They offer various services such as brand and design strategy, social media management, social growth, website development, SEO, lead generation, and running paid media advertising.

Janey’s vision has boosted the company’s reputation and success. Her team of experts is always focused on increasing their client’s social presence, which brings in revenue. JNJ Global Media has been successful in growing social media pages exponentially. Many of their clients have gone from 1,000 followers to gaining over a million.

Building and implementing a successful marketing plan is something Janey is passionate about. This is why she pushes her marketing team to set even greater goals for the future. Despite the hurdles, Janey has gotten where she is today through quick thinking, sheer determination, and hard work.

Janey aspires to achieve financial freedom through her business and help others do the same. She also looks forward to traveling the world and staying in different countries for a few years to learn about other cultures. Along with being the founder of JNJ Global Media, she was also a single mother to three who have grown up to have their own careers and families of their own.

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