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The radically liberal comedian Kathy Griffin has resorted to openly begging fans to come to her comedy shows after admitting that tickets are “not selling well.”

Griffin Begs Fans To Buy Tickets

Griffin, who infamously posed with the simulated severed head of the then-President Donald Trump in a 2017 photoshoot, recently took to social media to post a video in which she begged people to buy ticket to her shows.

“I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I had another voice surgery two days ago, so my voice is sounding better, I think. And yet, I have COVID and I’m heartbroken because I’m getting divorced,” Griffin began. “It’s all about the tour, man. Just freaking get me to opening night in Des Moines. And Omaha is not selling well. First of all, there’s not enough people there.”

“I need comedy fans to come out and see me in Kansas City,” she continued. “Come on! I need sell-outs. I’ve been through hell. I’ve been through so much crap since my last tour. I actually just have to laugh at it. I just have to laugh. So please…”

Newsweek reported that Griffin’s tour is set to kick off in Des Moines on Friday night. She will then makes stops in Canada and in several U.S. states including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Texas before ending the tour in California.

 “For God’s sake, come see me on tour. I’m coming to 40 cities,” Griffin stated in her video. “It’s gonna be the Panacea. It’s gonna be the thing that gets me through. You guys get me through, you always have.”

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Griffin To Bash Trump

Griffin went on to say that she will be incorporating Trump’s recent courtroom battle with E. Jean Carroll into her act.

“We have so much to discuss. I mean, oh my God, so much,” she said. “I actually don’t bring up Trump in my new show, but he did just take the stand in the E. Jean Carroll case and you know he just, like, started shouting stuff from the defendant table. So I mean that’s something. That’ll eat up at least three minutes. But now I have a lot more stuff to talk about, I promise.”

“But I need you,” she added. “You said you wanted me to come to the real America. Well, look at the cities on that tour. Go to any of my socials. You can find there’s a poster of me coming out of a dumpster fire. Oh, I wonder why that is.”

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Griffin Gets More Desperate

Griffin only became more desperate as her video went on, even bringing her gender into the situation.

“And by the way, buy tickets,” she stressed. “If you know me, don’t be calling me for comps. Those male promoters are looking to see how I sell and if I sell. It’s all about that, and when you’re a female comedian you’ll never sell as well as the boys, no matter what your accomplishments are, blah, blah, blah.

“But come see me, for God’s sake,” Griffin continued. “I’ve done more standup comedy specials than any comedians, male or female, living or dead. Any! Don’t talk to me about the other guys. I broke the record and they all know.”

Griffin ended her video by recalling a memory of the late comedian Joan rivers, saying, “She used to say that when you’re heartbroken, you’re your funniest. So I must be a riot!”

Check out the full video below.

Living by the wise words of my dear friend Joan Rivers during these times!! “When you’re heartbroken you’re your funniest” right now I must be a riot!! This tour means everything to me so don’t miss out and please buy your tickets!!https://t.co/mGMpKJ9Ywd pic.twitter.com/xq1Iu8CxIM

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) January 25, 2024

Griffin has spent the years since her infamous Trump photo scandal shamelessly trying to play the victim even though she is the one who glamorized the assassination of a sitting president. In the end, we can see why she’s having so much trouble selling tickets to her comedy shows, because there really is nothing funny about her!

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