Kirk Cameron Calls Out Book Fair Powerhouse Scholastic for Pornographic Content

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Actor and children’s author Kirk Cameron announced his partnership with a new project aimed at unseating what is currently the biggest name in school book fairs. The Christian homeschool advocate and outspoken critic of LGBT books geared for children is going after the Scholastic Book Fairs to try to provide parents assurance that their children can access wholesome, non-sexualized reading material.

Mr. Cameron took to X to highlight some of the books published and pushed at Scholastic Book Fairs, warning parents that the material provided isn’t a one-off but is actually prevalent in the books found at their fairs. Scholastic has been the only name in the school book fair game, that is, until now.

I grew up reading @Scholastic books like The Magic School Bus. The content they publish today is not what I recognize as children’s content. It is disturbing that male cross-sex hormones and surgeries is being presented to female children in cartoons as a miracle solution for the…

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) November 7, 2023

Call it what it is

Kirk Cameron blasted Scholastic on X with a lengthy thread that showcased pages and excerpts from books available and pushed on American children at school book fairs. Included in these examples was Welcome to St. Hell: My Trans Teen Misadventure marketed to 14-year-olds.

This book, as Mr. Cameron says, “glamorizes” life-altering surgery, such as a page that shows a smiling girl showing off her breast removal scars, stating:

“I had my top surgery last month!”

2/ Here are pages from “Welcome to St. Hell,” a 2022 @Scholastic book that glamorizes gender transitioning to middle schoolers. (We’ve censored these pages as the original content could violate social media policies against sexual material):

— Kirk Cameron (@KirkCameron) November 7, 2023

Mr. Cameron also mentioned the book Melissa – which was formerly titled George – that outlines how pre-teems can disrupt their puberty using pills:

“A boy could become a girl. … You could even start before you were 18 with pills called androgen blockers that stopped the boy hormones already inside you from turning your body into a man’s.”

Melissa is marketed for children aged eight to 12, and the School Library Journal called it the “Best Book of the Year” and pushed it as a “required purchase” for public and school libraries.

Kirk Cameron explained:

“A lot of this stuff is pornography by any definition.”

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A concerted effort

The irony of these books is that while the leftwing media and corporations like Scholastic claim these books are suitable for children to read and acceptable material for school libraries, the same material is flagged as inappropriate in other settings.

Facebook removed pages of some of these books mentioned by Mr. Cameron due to their depictions of nudity and sexually suggestive content.

This made the images “obscene” per Facebook’s policies. Let that soak in; these images are of children in the nude, at times participating in sexually suggestive activities that, when posted online, essentially knock on the door of internet child pornography. 

5/ As further evidence of how obscene these books are, @BraveBooksUS had a FB ad that included images from @Scholastic’s book, “Heartstopper,” which got rejected for depicting “people in explicit or suggestive positions or images that show nudity or cleavage.”

— Kirk Cameron (@KirkCameron) November 7, 2023

Mr. Cameron claims:

“It’s obvious that Scholastic is committed to indoctrinating our youth with harmful messages.”

This year, Scholastic published a guide for educators, librarians, and caretakers on how to Read with Pride. At the end of the guide is an LGBT book list that includes picture books and early reader books geared for babies to eight-year-olds. 

One of the picture books is Prince Sacha’s Fierce, Fabulous, Fancy Day which tells of a boy bear who has a drag show party. A book geared for an early reader is Dragon Masters #22 which features a nonbinary character.

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According to their website, Scholastic Corporation is:

“…the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books.”

Kirk Cameron hopes to change that dynamic with his SkyTree Book Fairs. Mr. Cameron explains the mission of SkyTree Book Fairs:

“SkyTree Book Fairs offers a positive alternative to Scholastic. We want to do a better job of providing wholesome books to kids. We want a better alternative that puts good age-appropriate books in the hands of children.”

Kirk Cameron’s decision to act and provide not just proof but an alternative for parents and school administrators is a move in the right direction and perhaps the only way to topple a Goliath like Scholastic.

Mr. Cameron lays out the crisis facing America’s youth:

“…kids are exposed to sexually explicit, race-infused, and gender-confusing children’s books while being told this is what it means to be educated, that this is the reason they go to school.”

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