Megyn Kelly Defends Casey DeSantis After MSNBC Dubs Her ‘America’s Karen’ – ‘They Hate Her In A Special Way’

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Megyn Kelly is firing back at MSNBC after the liberal network launched a vile attack on Casey DeSantis, the wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, going so far as to dub her “America’s Karen.”

“She’s become America’s Karen,” @DavidJollyFL says about Casey DeSantis. “It doesn’t matter if it’s presented in heels or boots, the DeSantis doctrine is a losing one.”

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 8, 2023

‘They Hate Her In A Special Way’

During Monday’s episode of her podcast, Megyn said that MSNBC is going after Casey because they “perceive her as a threat.”

“If [critics] were saying this sort of thing about a leftie, these same [commentators] would be outraged by the rampant misogyny,” Kelly said on her podcast. “But as always, it’s always fair game against a Republican wife. They hate her in a special way. It’s almost coming at her more viciously than with [former first lady] Melania [Trump].”

“I think the reason they are reacting so angrily to [Casey] is they accurately perceive her as a threat,” she continued.

Kelly went on to say that in the eyes of the liberal media, Casey “can’t do anything right” and must endure a “particular viciousness.”

Check out Kelly’s full comments on this in the video below.

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MSNBC Attacks Casey – Ron Defends Her

This came after the former GOP Congressman David Jolly of Florida went on MSNBC to attack Casey, a mother of three who is also a breast cancer survivor. He began by briefly praising Casey as “a fairly compelling political figure” and “the brighter side to Florida’s angry governor.”

“For others, she’s become America’s Karen,” he continued, referring to what has become a slang term for entitled white women of a certain age.

Ron DeSantis spoke out afterwards to defend Casey, saying that “My wife is an incredibly strong first lady of Florida, a fantastic mother and a great wife, and that threatens the left.”

“She and I kind of shrug it off because we know it just shows they view her as a threat, because the message that she was bringing in Iowa about the rights of parents and how we are not going to take this anymore with the left trying to indoctrinate our kids, they understand that that resonates not just with Republican parents, with independent parents and, yes, with Democrat parents,” he added, according to The New York Post.

My whole heart. ❤️

— Casey DeSantis (@CaseyDeSantis) July 13, 2023

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Casey Campaigns For Her Husband 

As for Casey herself, she’s busy campaigning for her husband on her “Mamas for DeSantis” national tour.

“It’s one thing when your policies come out after us — the mamas. It’s another thing when they come after our children. And that’s when the claws come out,” she said during a stop in Iowa earlier this month.

“If you want somebody to go up to Washington D.C. to clean house, to be able to put this country back on the trajectory where we are talking about — our rights coming up from our Creator and our government being put in place to protect our rights that are ours — [Ron] is the man to do it, and if I have to crisscross this country, I’ll do it,” she continued.

We will not allow you to exploit the innocence of our children to advance your agenda.

When you come after our kids, we fight back.

We are no longer silent.

We are united.

We are Mamas for DeSantis.

…and we will elect @RonDeSantis President of the United States.

Join our…

— Casey DeSantis (@CaseyDeSantis) July 6, 2023

Democrats claim to be a party that is all about women, but that goes right out the window when it comes to a conservative female. Megyn is spot on when she says the left is threatened by a strong right-wing woman like Casey, so you can only expect the media to continue to try to attack her even more in the months to come!

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