Miami Dolphins’ key offseason acquisition Jalen Hurts injured at camp

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Jalen Ramsey was reportedly carted off the field during practice

Jalen Ramsey was reportedly carted off the field during practice
Photo: Lynne Sladky (AP)

One of the worst things that can happen to an NFL player is to be taken off the field due to injury. Even worse than that is for it to happen before the season even begins. That’s the situation Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey is in after being carted off the field with an apparent left knee injury. According to Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network, Ramsey grabbed his knee after defending Tyreek Hill on a pass play.

Is Jalen Ramsey to the Dolphins the worst move in NFL free agency so far?

Dolphins fans are probably collectively holding their breath, hoping it isn’t a serious injury. Miami traded a third-round pick and TE Hunter Long to the Los Angeles Rams for Ramsey in March. This is always the biggest fear on the journey to the regular season. Getting everyone through training camp and the preseason with as few injuries as possible.

Obviously, we won’t know any more about Ramsey’s status for at least a few hours, but hopefully, it’s something he can bounce back from quickly. No matter who you root for, most of us don’t want to see guys hurt and out for any significant period.

Training camp is one of those things that many players and coaches dread but know is necessary. After not playing football for half a year, you’ve got to ease back into the groove, and that’s essentially what training camp provides. It’s also used to evaluate talent, especially when it comes to younger players. But veterans also need to get their reps in, especially when you’re new to a team like Ramsey.

“Everybody’s worried about him, but we’re not really sure what’s wrong,” safety Jevon Holland said after practice, according to Sports Illustrated.

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