Pete Carroll is spilling hot tea all over the Emerald City

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When it was announced last week that the Seattle Seahawks were moving in a different direction at head coach, the news caught many by surprise. It was framed as though Pete Carroll and the organization had mutually agreed that Carroll would step out of the way and into an advisor’s role. But now with roughly a week removed from that announcement, we’re getting the real tea as to how Carroll found himself ousted from Seattle’s sideline.

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“The difficult part is, if you guys could know, it’s really hard because they’re not football people. They’re not coaches, and so to get to the real details of it is really difficult for other people,” Pete Carroll said.

Some of Carroll’s comments sound like a man who’s just a little salty about his exit. Although, he wasn’t excommunicated entirely from the team, knowing he won’t be leading this squad into battle after 14 years has to be like a swift kick to the crotch. Especially since it kind of felt like it came from left field.

After a down year in 2021, winning just seven games, Carroll’s team bounced back winning nine in each of the last two seasons. The only difference is they missed the postseason this year as opposed to qualifying when no one thought they would in 2022. What this ultimately came down to was the people upstairs pulling the plug and deciding it was time to let go. Seattle is ready for a fresh start.

“What is the essence of the adjustments that are necessary?” Carroll said. “That’s where maybe we don’t see eye to eye on because I see it one way and I think I’ve got a way to fix it and I’m not going to kind of halfway fix it. I’m trying to fix it so it’s perfect. I’ve got real precise and specific thoughts, and they may not see it that way.”

It really feels like Carroll still has that coaching bug despite being 72. That could eventually become an issue and potentially lead to Carroll seeking employment elsewhere if there’s interest. Maybe it doesn’t happen right now, but he is a Super Bowl-winning head coach and there aren’t tons of active ones running around. Bill Belichick is back on the open market after nearly a quarter century in New England and there’s talk that Mike Tomlin could be next.

Should Carroll be compelled, you’d have to think he’d receive a couple of interviews. The situation in Seattle just feels unsettled, especially after he let the cat out of the bag on being pushed out of his seat. Carroll doesn’t do that and throw folks under the bus if he’s truly at peace with what happened. There’s no word just yet, but don’t be shocked if this relationship completely dissolves sooner rather than later.

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