Rachel Hague, Co-founder of EmpowHer, on the Impact of Women in Business

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Rachel Hague is a 22-year-old entrepreneur and a co-founder of the popular Project EmpowHer. Rachel Hague and Sam Conaway formed the #1 woman networking company in Austin, Texas. EmpowHer is a leading networking company for female entrepreneurs to find the connections and tools they need to face the entrepreneurship journey. The main focus of EmpowHer is women one-three years into entrepreneurship and the veterans who help guide them in the field.

The first couple of years in any entrepreneurship journey can be challenging and overwhelming, considering the rapidly-changing business world. Project EmpowHer was formed to ensure that no female entrepreneur traveled the first years of the journey alone. In less than a year, Rachel and Sam built a community of 7,000+ women and hosted over sixty events. They changed the lives of many female entrepreneurs in Austin through their numerous Mastermind Programs.

Rachel and Sam are about changing the game regarding entrepreneurship and business events. They both grew up in Las Vegas and attended boring pitchfest events. These events inspired them to bring an element of production and show business to the community. However, they wanted to do this while focusing on vulnerability and personal development. The two noticed the struggles women in entrepreneurship faced due to a lack of networking and the means to find a solution for it. Their events not only focus on business but aim to make it fun. There are dance performers, live music, exotic animals, money guns, powerhouse public speakers, ice baths, and many breakthroughs.

Rachel’s main motivator is living in memory and honoring her sister, Danielle Hague. Danielle passed away from PTLD Lymphoma in May 2020 at age 17. She was all about being herself and bringing fun into any situation. Rachel is using her WHY as an inspiration to show up daily for her EmpowHer community to create unique, informative, and enjoyable events. She is social, a hype woman, and known for her “I feel good, I feel great. Today Is going to be a great day!” slogan in her speaking engagements.

Her passion and hard work began from an early age. She was teaching martial arts at 14 (as soon as it became legal). Rachel balanced school, six jobs, and her sister’s medical complications between the ages of 14-19. She sacrificed many of her “normal” childhood moments for the love of being an entrepreneur. Some of her achievements include a 3rd-degree black belt, NPC 1st Place Bikini Champion, Media Director for the Las Vegas Extreme Live Show, and a public speaker. She also built a 6-figure social media marketing agency in 2020 and is a top sales representative in door-to-door, a super connector, and a community builder.

Rachel notes that one of her challenges when beginning the project was facing burnout and seeing little returns. However, she and Sam consulted, remained consistent, and focused on the vision of impacting female lives and the community and mainly focusing on client experience while also finding balance for themselves. Rachel says, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you want to impact the world, it starts with how you take care of yourself.”

Despite all these earlier challenges, Rachel believes EmpowHer will be the world’s most prominent female development company. Her goal is to keep impacting just one life at a time knowing that a huge ripple effect of impact is happening. She notes, “It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.”

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