Remy: Moving to South Dakota

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As some states go south, Remy heads west.

Music and lyrics by Remy. Instruments, background vocals, mixing and mastering by Ben Karlstrom.


Shopping for detergent but it’s all locked up

The tax man and a guy in the alley want to take my stuff

Finally get to my door and I see Rob

That’s the moment I discover that I stepped in a human log

That’s why I’m moving to South Dakota

To a freer place that doesn’t only view me as a ticket quota

I’m scraping human feces out the treads of my loafer

I wonder if I would be doing this if I lived down in Sarasota

Or South Dakota

I live in a box

It costs three grand a month

With bars on the windows so that people do not steal my stuff

The schools are…eh

My kid can’t read

But to be fair to the teachers it is possible that she can’t see

That’s why I’m moving to South Dakota

To a place that isn’t making me pay extra taxes on my soda

My bathroom toilet’s four feet from my stove-ah

I hear it’s better in a bunch of other places out in Arizona

Or South Dakota

As I sang that verse the schools got worse

How I wish that I could pause it

I get this thought each time I’m robbed and I’m hiding in my closet

I’m moving to South Dakota

To a place that doesn’t over-tax and over-ticket my Toyota

I just Googled “human feces danger contact disease sole of my loafer”

It’s times like this that have folks finding freer places they can go to

Like South Dakota

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