Report: Biden Recruiting ‘Army’ of TikTok Influencers, May Give Them Their Own White House Briefing Room

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President Biden is reportedly seeking to recruit an “army” of social media influencers on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok as a means to boost stories about his administration’s perceived successes.

In other words, to spread propaganda. 

Axios is reporting that Biden’s digital strategy team is even planning to give the group their own briefing room at the White House.

Four members of the team, which work for the administration and not the Biden re-election campaign, are focused on reaching out to influencers and independent content creators in an effort to counter former President Donald Trump’s massive social media following.

The report highlights two TikTok influencers as “working with Biden’s White House” – Harry Sisson, a 20-year-old NYU student who, if you’ve seen his videos online, appears to have been overprescribed Adderall, and Vivian Tu, a former trader who discusses financial issues on the platform.

Were Dash Dobrofsky’s excellent acting skills not available?

Axios describes a separate press briefing room for social media influencers as “unprecedented.”

It also smells a bit ‘illegal.’

Having government staff provide propaganda, deliver campaign talking points, and collaborate in the messaging going forward on behalf of a campaign for President sounds like an egregious and blatant violation of the Hatch Act.

NEW – Biden will lean on “an army” of social media “influencers,” which may get their own briefing room at the White House, to target young voters — Axios

— (@disclosetv) April 9, 2023

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Biden Recruiting TikTok Stars Even As He Tries to Ban Platform?

News of Biden’s campaign team trying to bring TikTok influencers into the fray, into the innermost workings of the White House, comes amidst a bipartisan push to ban the platform over national security concerns.

The President in December signed legislation passed by Congress that banned TikTok from government devices.

The administration has also endorsed the Restrict Act, a bill that proposes a total ban or severe restrictions on apps without specifically targeting Chinese-owned TikTok.

But an opportunity to reach out to young voters or influence even younger minds full of mush in future elections is too much to pass up, even with the conflicting messaging on the platform.

“The administration is courting support on TikTok even as it has called for the platform to be sold or else risk being banned in the U.S. because of its owner’s ties to China’s government,” Axios writes.

Lay off the Ritalin and Tide Pods.

— Rusty 🎙️ (@rustyweiss74) April 9, 2023

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The TikTok Digital Strategy

This isn’t the first time Team Biden has been caught speaking out of both sides of their mouth, condemning TikTok as a national security threat while actively using the platform to court voters.

Politico reported last year that the President was considering ways to communicate with young users on TikTok to garner support despite not being able to have an official account on the app because his administration determined it shouldn’t be used “for security reasons.”

Biden also enlisted TikTok creators to spread propaganda about Ukraine.

And who could forget this hot mess in the hallowed halls of the White House? TikTok influencer Benny Drama pushing young followers to get vaccinated.

I will continue screamin from the mountaintops that TikTok has so much pull!! Benny Drama (whose whole brand is about comedic overacting) was the most recent influencer recruited to promote the vaccine by @WhiteHouse.

— Jordyn Brown (@thejordynbrown) August 9, 2021

The strategy makes sense for Biden’s campaign team.

Young voters (18-29) chose President Biden over Trump by a 26-point margin in 2020. They also chose to eat Tide Pods in 2018 at a much higher rate than people over the age of 29, so there’s that.

Dumb them down with mindless social media apps, then court their vote. Democrats truly are the party of low-information voters.

SHOCK: President Biden is building an ‘army’ of TikTok influencers to influence young voters. Despite his efforts to ban TikTok, he’s giving his TikTok influencers a briefing room in the White House. #HatchAct @HouseGOP

— @amuse (@amuse) April 9, 2023

It also follows a path established by former President Barack Obama, who often enlisted social media stars to spread his own propaganda.

Obama was interviewed by YouTube sensation GloZell Green in 2015, a woman who was famous for eating cereal out of her bathtub.

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