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The legendary comedian Roseanne Barr, who has long been known as one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, is speaking out this week against the “corrupt” President Joe Biden while defiantly refusing to vote for him.

Barr Rips Biden As ‘Corrupt’

After Time Magazine named the singer Taylor Swift as its “Person Of The Year,” Barr decided to have some fun by putting her own face on the cover of the magazine in a playfully doctored image, captioning it “there, that’s better.

Newsweek reported that an internet troll unfortunately responded to this by calling Barr, 71, the “loser of the year.”

“It’s sad because I used to actually respect you even when you went nuts…But now that you’re supporting a dishonest narcissistic criminal conman, it is just too much,” the social media user continued, seemingly referring to Barr’s longstanding support of the former President Donald Trump.

Barr fired back in a big way, taking the opportunity to blast Biden.

“I am not voting for Biden what are you talking about?” she stated. “I’ve been very clear on liking the non war causing, non corrupt one.”

I am not voting for Biden what are you talking about? I’ve been very clear on liking the non war causing, non corrupt one.

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) December 7, 2023

Haters And Fans Respond

The troll responded by writing, “I said nothing about you voting for Biden, I know you’re not. That’s why I stated what I did. You’re voting for the most corrupt politician in history. FYI, Trump will go to prison. That’s what happens when you break the law. It’s sad you don’t understand how the law works.”

Thankfully,” Barr’s fans were quick to rush to her defense.

 “Roseanne, He’s just scared. He knows Trump’s going to break all of their toys when he retakes the Presidency in 2024,” one fan wrote.

“The funny thing is… Any true Roseanne fan will know that she doesn’t care what other people think,” another added.

Tucker Carlson to Roseanne Barr…

“I became an active Trump supporter when they raided Mar-a-Lago last summer. That just can’t stand. I’m voting for Trump and if they convict him I will send him the max donations and I will lead protests. That’s how I feel.” 👏🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/cXfDiBewoT

— Marc 🇺🇸 (@gopher_marc) November 30, 2023

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Barr Gushes Over Trump – Attacks Biden

Barr has always been open about her support of Trump. While talking to Donald Trump Jr. on his “Triggered” podcast back in October, she gushed over the former president while also revealing why she thinks liberals are so against him.

“What I love about your dad is he is one funny guy!” Barr said of the former president. “He is so hilarious, and I think that is part of why they hate him. They hate humor. They don’t have any sense of humor about themselves — right there that is what a fascist is.”

“Someone in power who has no ability to laugh at themselves, has no self-reflection; they look in the mirror and there is nothing there,” she continued. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you don’t have a soul. Your dad laughs at himself and everyone else and he makes everyone laugh. He has the heart of the comedian, which is why we all love him because he’s so funny!”

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Barr has also frequently bashed Biden. Last month, she commented on a video that showed Biden walking on grass by writing, “Obama’s remote control needs a software update,” according to OK Magazine.

We applaud Barr for continuing to have the guts to go against the liberal world of Hollywood by calling it exactly how she sees it when it comes to Biden, Trump, and politics. Please don’t ever change, Roseanne Barr!

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