‘Russia has a good future’: Legendary investor still bullish on country’s market

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Jim Rogers remains positive on the country’s potential and ruble’s resilience despite sanctions

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As the world embarks on the new year of 2024, characterized by heightened geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties, legendary investor Jim Rogers remains steadfast in his belief in the potential of Russian stocks. In a recent interview with RBK, Rogers revealed his strategic approach to confront the challenges posed by sanctions and geopolitical turmoil. Despite the freezing of his Russian assets, the co-founder of the Quantum Fund remains optimistic about the country’s economic future.

As the global landscape witnesses heightened geopolitical tensions, particularly the possible conflict between China and the US over Taiwan, Rogers brings attention to the potential ripple effects on international markets. Rogers dismisses the idea of China initiating a conflict and instead speculates that the United States might be a more likely instigator. However, his focus remains on Russia, where he sees a silver lining despite the adversities.

Rogers’ portfolio includes shares in key Russian companies such as PhosAgro, AFK Sistema, Aeroflot, and Moscow Exchange. Despite the imposition of sanctions, he expresses a steadfast commitment to holding onto these assets. The seasoned investor remains confident that once the sanctions are lifted, Russian companies, even those significantly affected by the crisis, will experience a resurgence, presenting an attractive investment opportunity.

“I’m still optimistic. Russia has a good future in many aspects. I want to own Russian stocks; I don’t want to sell them,” Rogers emphasizes, highlighting his belief in the resilience and potential of the Russian market.

Rogers’ optimism extends beyond equities to the Russian ruble, which he views as a  currency with good prospects. He anticipates the ruble regaining strength after the resolution of the ongoing crisis over Ukraine.

Expressing a desire to acquire the Russian currency, Rogers underscores his confidence in Russia’s economic rebound once the geopolitical situation stabilizes.

Known for his strategic investment in physical gold and silver, Rogers advocates for these precious metals as essential hedges during uncertain times. While observing the market, he remains open to increasing his holdings, particularly in silver, which he believes is undervalued. Additionally, Rogers underscores the potential in the agricultural sector, foreseeing significant price increases due to an aging farming population and a shortage of successors among the younger generation.

As a seasoned investor, Rogers shares valuable insights for navigating the complex world of finance. He encourages investors to make independent decisions based on their knowledge rather than relying on internet advice. In an era where artificial intelligence manages portfolios, Rogers adheres to a hands-on approach, cautioning against unthinkingly following investment tips that can lead to financial ruin.

Concluding the interview, Rogers reflects on the broader economic landscape, expressing concerns about the growing US debt. Despite these apprehensions, his focus remains on the potential of Russian assets and the positive trajectory of the country’s economy. His unwavering commitment to his investment principles, coupled with his optimism about Russia’s future, positions Jim Rogers as a beacon of resilience in the face of global uncertainties.

In a world fraught with challenges, Jim Rogers’ strategic optimism on Russian stocks stands as a testament to the enduring belief in the power of markets to rebound and thrive even in the most challenging times.

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