The ‘American Century’ is Over. Our Politicians Killed It.

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For a little over a hundred years, the United States and its dearest friends across the pond have been the global beacons of light, acting as the final say on international issues. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of global economics, trade, treaties, international memberships, and power struggles in third-world nations, the United States has mostly tipped the scales one way or another on every issue.

However, that may be coming to an end. The quiet, patient dragon in the East has been waiting to pounce on the global stage and replace the West as the driver of global leadership. 

Has the day arrived that China will take its place as a serious global superpower? Is the United States no longer the ‘big man’ on campus?

Recent events have surely shown the balance of world power has shifted East.

A bit disingenuous of Mike Pompeo to say Ukraine is a “China-Russia” problem. US involvement in this proxy war with Russia was what forced the China-Russia embrace. This emboldens and empowers China, which is the actual threat to the US & its allies.

— Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) March 26, 2023

A New World Order?

China’s President Xi Jinping took a trip recently to see China’s frenemy, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The goal of this meeting, according to the two bad guys the West loves to hate, is the:

“acceleration of the process of establishing a multipolar world order.”

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Oh boy, that’s quite the mission statement, a multipolar world order, that sounds ominous.

According to a statement from the Chinese government after the visit, the two leaders:

“shared the view that this relationship has gone far beyond the bilateral scope and acquired critical importance for the global landscape and the future of humanity.”

Now that says a whole lot of nothing of great substance, which is very ‘West’ of them. What an incredibly US/European statement of ethereal peace and prosperity without actually touching on anything tangible. 

On his way out, President Xi told President Putin:

“Right now there are changes the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years. And we are the ones driving these changes together.”

China President Xi to Putin:

“Change that hasn’t happened in 100 years is coming.”

Are China and Russia plotting to replace the USA as the world’s superpower?


— Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA (@GRDecter) March 22, 2023

So what kind of changes is Xi referring to?

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Make It Rain Yuan

In addition to the 14 economic agreements signed, from scientific cooperation to the joint production of television programs, the two leaders spoke in depth about the Chinese Yuan.

President Putin stated:

“We are in favor of using the Chinese Yuan for settlements between Russia and the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.”

Let me just point out… the U.S. accrues enormous, incalculable benefits from having the world’s reserve currency. Any threat to that status should be the loudest alarm bell. And should the dollar be replaced, it will have tremendous consequences. 

Vladimir Putin says Russia supports the use of the Chinese yuan for conducting transactions between Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This stance aligns with the ongoing trend of de-dollarization and the shift towards a multi-polar global

— (@KanekoaTheGreat) March 22, 2023

While acting as though they are a neutral party between Russia and Ukraine, China has been a significant buyer of Russian oil since the war started, essentially keeping Russia alive even as the West claims to have shut Russia out.

Mr. Putin continued:

“I am confident that these forms of settlement in Yuan will develop between Russian partners and their counterparts in third countries.”

I have no doubt Russia will ensure that their partners will adopt any policy Xi tells them to, which was precisely the point of this trip to Moscow. For example, while Xi recently laid out a 12-point peace plan between Russia and Ukraine, the two leaders spoke very little of Ukraine. Instead, the bulk of the trip focused on economics and trade.

While the West continues to focus on military engagements and climate change, China has its eyes on what really makes the world turn… money. However, that’s not to say China hasn’t flexed its diplomacy muscles.

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Bringer Of Peace?

Widely praised by even the West, China recently helped restore ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia. These two frenemies support rival sides in numerous international conflicts from Yemen to Syria and Lebanon to Iraq. 

While the U.S. government has spent decades pitting the two against each other, China strolled in and brokered peace just as easy as you please.

This move by China serves three priorities. First, it allows China to claim to the rest of the world that the United States and Europe no longer need to be the only harbingers of peace. Second, this allows China to have a hand in two Middle East power players as they carve up their neighboring puppet states.

Third, it puts two of the world’s largest oil producers, one formerly in the American orbit, firmly in China’s camp. 

As Dina Esfandiary of the International Crisis Group explains:

“The potential downside of that, of course, is that they are the ones who are divvying up the region and sorting things out amongst themselves, you start to lose sight of the regional contexts and grievances, which could potentially be problematic.”

Thanks to China – Iran and Saudi Arabia get to mold the greater Middle East in their own image, providing quite the play sandbox for China.

In a chilling tweet, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollhian wrote:

“The return to normal relations between Tehran and Riyadh offers great opportunities to the two countries, the region and the Muslim world.”

So, what is the United States doing about all of this? A whole lot of nothing, if there’s even anything we can do at this stage.

President Trump: “So, China works out an alliance between Iran and Saudi Arabia. China is taking over the Middle East and nobody even knew what was happening. This all happened on Biden’s watch.”

Biden is a CCP puppet!

— Alex Bruesewitz 🇺🇸 (@alexbruesewitz) March 25, 2023

A Slow Death

When asked about what he thought of China and Russia cozying up lately, President Joe Biden said:

“Look, look, I don’t take China lightly. I don’t take Russia lightly, But I think we vastly exaggerate.”

This month, Saudi Arabia signed historic deals with Iran and Syria brokered by China and Russia, while SaudiTV broadcast comedy skits ridiculing Joe Biden.

— (@KanekoaTheGreat) March 25, 2023

Whew, I feel better already, Uncle Joe! After all, it’s not as if your administration is known for underestimating situations. 

That is, except for how quickly the Afghan government would fall, the chances Ukraine would fight back against Russia, the invasion at our southern border, the prevalence of spy balloons over our country, and countless other situations.

My favorite part of this whole story is the fact that Ukrainian President and benefactor of billions of taxpayer dollars Volodymyr Zelensky said:

“We offered China to become a partner in the implementation of the peace formula.”

I can’t blame the guy; you might as well get as much as possible from the big boys on the field vying for world dominance. Perhaps the Biden administration also welcomes China’s entrance into the world stage.

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After all, it was Biden’s energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm who said of China’s climate change initiatives:

“We can all learn from what China is doing…”

Sure, 30% of the world’s CO2 emissions come from China, but they sure do know how to set an example regarding climate change. 

I’ll leave you with this, President Xi said:

“We hope that the strategic partnership between China and Russia will on the one hand uphold international fairness and justice, and on the other hand promote the common prosperity and development of our countries.”

To underestimate China or assume that their moves are exaggerated is folly. If there is one thing the ancient civilization of China is good at, it’s the long game, and we are losing it.

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