The Biggest Threat to America Isn’t Russia or China – It’s the Enemy Within

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Depending on what 24/7 mainstream news channel you watch or political party you ascribe to, you are either fed that the biggest threat to America is Russia or China. No doubt worthy adversaries, particularly China, who I’ve long admired for their dedication to a cause and ‘long-game’ foreign policy.

However, much like great people, great nations tend to be their own worst enemies. Hard to argue that it’s a mad world we live in – after all, man buns are still all the rage, and Gwyneth Paltrow is now likable.

All kidding aside, if you’ve been paying any attention over the last decade, all signs point to an internal beast that is perhaps the biggest threat to our grand experiment. That threat is the rise of the American Marxist and their Victim Manifesto.

The Left tries to convince us that the threat to the United States is Russia while the Right says it is CCP’s China.

No!!! The real clear and present danger to our country is the enemy within: the American Marxists & Globalists who are in control of all our institutions from…

— Xi Van Fleet (@XVanFleet) March 19, 2023

It’s True; Walker, Texas Ranger Says So

Suppose you don’t believe me that there is a long-running, strong American Marxist movement in our country. In that case, you should at least listen to the master of the roundhouse kick, Chuck Norris. Last year Lone Wolf McQuade wrote a killer op-ed titled, ‘Karl Marx Would be proud of U.S. Progress.’

In his masterful essay, he explains how modern America has adopted and adapted the Ten Planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

The updated ten points the man who played one of my favorites – Major Scott McCoy – laid out were the following:

  1. The defacing and destruction of national monuments
  2. The dumping and disdain of American patriotism and exceptionalism
  3. Support for cancel culture
  4. The dismantling of the nuclear family
  5. The dismantling of Constitutional rights
  6. Defunding the police
  7. The state’s control over mainstream media
  8. Hostility toward God and religion
  9. Redistribution of wealth
  10. Growth of the entitlement generation

ALERT! Our military is under dangerous assault by Biden administration policies. Latest documents show Air Force Academy cadets being trained to enforce anti-American Marxism!

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) March 29, 2023

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If you think about it, you can easily name instances where all ten of these repackaged ten planks is in action in our country. But it’s not just Chuck who is sounding the alarm; it’s also our former President turned jailbird Donald Trump.

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Which Country Is This Again?

As a fanatic of foreign affairs, this week has been irritating for me regarding the news. Thanks to the arraignment of former President Trump, the news has been a nonstop deluge of coverage of the historic event.

And while I think we’ve missed out on a lot of big international news, even I can’t deny that the fact that not just a former President but the leading opposition party candidate for the job has been indicted for essentially fuzzy bookkeeping in an attempt to meddle in the next Presidential election is worthy of copious coverage.

I’ve been deployed to countries that participate in this sort of activity; how far we have fallen.

If the Dem Party had a time machine

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 4, 2023

While I rarely appreciate the lack of oratorical skills the former Commander-in-Chief expresses, he is often on the money regarding his insights.

For example, in a recent video released, President Trump said:

“…the greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia. It’s probably more than anything else ourselves and some of the horrible, USA-hating people that represent us.”

He went further to label these dark forces who hate our country so much, yet salivate at the need to control it:

“It’s the Marxists who would have us become a godless nation, worshipping at the altar of race and gender and environment. … it’s the globalist class that has made us totally dependent on China and other foreign countries that basically hate us.”

I think he’s onto something, even using such indistinct verbiage as “probably” and “basically.” But if you still aren’t convinced, you should take the word of those who have first-hand knowledge of what a Marxist nation is like.

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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

While Marxism has made its way into every aspect of our government, working to spread its poison until we can’t recognize who we are anymore, perhaps the most significant indication of this threat came when parents were forced to see what their children were, or shall I say weren’t, learning.

As former U.S. Ambassador to Estonia, Aldona Wos, explains:

“The greatest danger of communism is that it is an ideology built on lies and you must have education to understand that it is a lie.”

And that is where the enemy roots itself, in the education or, better put, the miseducation of America’s youth. Thanks to revisionist history lessons that preach the evils of our founding, critical race theory that separates us into victims and oppressors, and now divisive gender ideology meant to confuse the mind and soul, the war against what America was is in full force.

The DEI industry has become a bizarre synthesis of political Marxism, boutique genders, false compassion, and New Age spiritualism.

The University of Florida recently invited Sandra—”she/they”—to lead a workshop on dismantling “capitalism,” “patriarchy,” and “whiteness.”

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) April 4, 2023

Survivor of China’s cultural revolution and immigrant to the United States, Xi Van Fleet, made headlines when she engaged in a tit-for-tat with 1619 Project creator and Marxist extraordinaire Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Xi Van Fleet hit to the core with this truth bomb:

“I know very, very well what happened during the Cultural Revolution. …They rewrote history, and then they fed us, the young people, the fictional history, for the indoctrination for control of mind. She’s doing exactly the same thing.”

Have you chatted with a millennial like myself (albeit not as witty) or younger lately? Tell me they aren’t full on the lie that communism and socialism aren’t so bad or that children can choose their gender identities.

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Shame On Me? Shame On YOU

You may be wondering how we fight this threat from within. Or perhaps your beloved favorite political commentator might have gone off the deep end and is making too much out of ‘woke culture.’ Let me first tackle the second point.

I’ve been told by loved ones that I shouldn’t write so much and talk so much about things like gender ideology and critical race theory because it just gives credence to something that is obviously ridiculous. To that, I say you are part of the problem.

Staying silent on these issues isn’t really about you wanting to not bring attention to them; it’s about you not wanting to be shamed by the progressive left for daring to say that men are men and women are women, children shouldn’t be mutilated, and that white privilege and systemic racism is an excuse to shame the government and corporations into handouts, which leads me to my answer on how we fight back.

We refuse to be shamed for being right. The biggest threat to America isn’t the Marxists trying to tear us down; it’s those of you who are too scared to speak up.

Do not be bullied or shamed into remaining silent. Do not allow others to force you to hide your faith and beliefs because it makes them uncomfortable.

Life is meant to be uncomfortable, and the best speech is the speech that causes discomfort. Therefore, I will not be silenced, and I will not be shamed.

How about you?

Marxism is a problem in modern society because there are people in prominent positions who are Marxists.

For example: 17.6% of professors in the Social Sciences were Marxists as of 2006.

That’s why teaching students the failures of Marxism in school is important.

— The Rabbit Hole (@TheRabbitHole84) April 5, 2023

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