Top Coaches Stéph & Shay Schafeitel Share the Importance of Resilience


Resilience can be described as the mental toughness to keep going even when things are challenging. It’s the psychological strength that allows you to cope and be at ease with each and every situation. Each person has their own way of reacting to setbacks, and their resilience levels heavily influence that. Some people are resilient enough to never fall into despair or depression when difficulties arise. Instead, they are strong enough to collect the pieces and make a solid comeback. 

Stéph and Shalee Schafeitel are renowned mindpower coaches and authors impacting lives across the world. The two are notable for their impactful Mindpower Coaching Academy, a twelve-week licensed coaching certification program. Stéph & Shay also run the Mindpower Breakthrough, a 6-week virtual development program where they coach individuals to leverage their mind power for success. 

The duo also offers personalized coaching sessions where they set up 20 private clients a week and speak at in-person and virtual events to hundreds and thousands of people regularly. Stéph & Shay also help business leaders, high performers, and coaches increase their resilience, focus, and success through their mindpower coaching programs, so they massively increase their results and make a positive impact on the world.

Passionate philanthropists, Stéph and Shalee, are constantly empowering others to live up to their potential. In all their courses, Stéph & Shay often share the importance of resilience and its importance for success. Mindpower and resilience are two important attributes you need in the journey to success. 

According to Stéph & Shay, resilience may not take away the stress from your life but enable you to better understand each difficulty. Life is a journey that stretches through a series of uncertainties, and it’s your resilience that will allow you to preserve. Your mental strength will help you turn each challenge into a learning opportunity and possibly a catalyst to continue putting in the hard work. 

Stéph & Shay believe that some people are naturally born resilient while others need to teach and train themselves on mental toughness. The mindpower duo wants you to understand that resilience can result from a composite series of internal and external traits, from your psychological and physical wellness to your immediate surroundings. You can always train yourself to build your resilience through adopting a positive mindset to see the positive even in negative situations. You need realistic and ambitious goals with practical strategies and ensure you stick to them. 

With vast experience in life coaching and mentorship, Stéph & Shay add that resilience comes with emotional intelligence. Being resilient empowers you to have unmatched emotional control that ensures every action and step is well-thought-out. Your thoughts will also be transformed from a victim mentality to that of a fighter and warrior constantly seeking to overcome every obstacle on your path. 

Stéph and Shalee have a dream to impact over a billion people by helping them improve their resilience. This includes helping them increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience, which is essential in becoming the best version of yourself. 



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