Welcome To The Party, Pal: Washington Post Finally Decides To Confirm Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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It took a mere 532 days, but the Washington Post on Wednesday joined the New York Times in finally admitting that emails attained from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop are genuine.

The Post had two security experts use cryptographic signatures to validate nearly 22,000 emails from 2009 to 2019, including many involving Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

“Thousands of emails purportedly from the laptop computer of Hunter Biden are authentic communications that can be verified through cryptographic signatures from technology companies,” tweeted WaPo’s White House reporter Matt Viser.

Verified emails in the bombshell report involve Hunter Biden acting as a consultant to companies from China and Ukraine, while also exploring opportunities in several other countries while his father was serving as Vice President.

NEW: Thousands of emails purportedly from the laptop computer of Hunter Biden are authentic communications that can be verified through cryptographic signatures from technology companies.

How The Washington Post analyzed Hunter Biden’s laptop: https://t.co/Fp2bFEIdWY

— Matt Viser (@mviser) March 30, 2022

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Washington Post Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails Are Real

The media buried an original New York Post story in October of 2020 involving emails found on Hunter’s laptop prior to the presidential election. The outlet was censored on social media at the time – before the election – for sharing the story.

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The Washington Post was part of the media blackout on the story during that timeframe, stating the emails were “unverified,” they “have never been authenticated,” and publishing a news analysis dismissing the New York Post’s reporting as “sketchy.”

And you chose not to report on this before the election to protect Biden.

— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) March 30, 2022

Also part of the silencing and cover-up of the Hunter Biden story was the New York Times, which also just got around to publishing a story on the First Son’s ongoing federal investigation into his business dealings.

The Times “authenticated” emails from the laptop for their story as well.

These are two prominent newspapers of record that showed little curiosity in a major scandal for a presidential candidate and his family but now, with the safety of that candidate’s campaign no longer in doubt, doing the actual investigative work that should have been done immediately.

Matt will report a little on this but stop short of asking who the big guy getting 10% is.

Hint for u Matt. It’s Biden

U know it, we know it, Bobulinski knew it, & u covered it up to get the Big Guy in office

So again who approved the ‘new’ reporting Matt

— 🇺🇸AmericaFirstStacy🇺🇸 (@Discoveringme40) March 31, 2022

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They Could Have Verified a Long Time Ago, They Chose Not To

Journalist Glenn Greenwald hammered the Washington Post for just now admitting emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop are real, saying the laptop’s “authenticity was proven from the start.”

“Most of these details were reported and confirmed in several outlets *before* the 2020 election — as opposed to now when it’s safe to say it — but they were censored by Twitter and FB based on the CIA lie spread by most corporate outlets that it was ‘Russian disinformation,’” he tweeted.

Greenwald goes on to note that despite slow-walking reporting on the authenticity of the laptop, not one major media outlet has retracted stories helping to spread false claims that the Hunter Biden story was little more than Russian propaganda.

Just fucking amazing: now the WashPost, 10 days after NYT, admits that the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop are genuine and uses them in their reporting.

Yet **not one** corrupt outlet that spread the CIA’s pre-election lie that it was “Russian disinformation” has retracted. pic.twitter.com/K6hGIp3jrN

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 30, 2022

By contrast, each of these outlets was more than willing to run with the Steele dossier and Russia collusion hoax with little to no evidence backing up their reporting.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee have now been fined thousands of dollars regarding payments for the dossier.

Step 1: wait 2 years until the political calculus changes https://t.co/tplalnSECw

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) March 30, 2022

When will the media be forced to pay fines and properly report on these two stories that helped pick a side during the 2020 presidential election?

Hunter Biden, meanwhile, is in such significant hot water over his business dealings that even a CNN legal analyst pointed out the realistic possibility of indictments in his future.

CNN: “Realistic chance” Hunter Biden could be indicted https://t.co/oN4VLgk6e7 pic.twitter.com/FwJlt9Ik9J

— The Hill (@thehill) March 30, 2022

“This is a very real, very substantial investigation of potentially serious federal crimes,” CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig said. “We are seeing federal prosecutors in Delaware do exactly what you would expect to see federal prosecutors do in this situation.”

Honig added that the investigation is “gaining steam” and there “is a realistic chance this could result in federal charges.”

Better late than never?

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