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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, believes the Supreme Court’s decision to review the case concerning former President Donald Trump’s claims of presidential immunity could lead to a kind of dictatorship in America.

Goldberg, best known perhaps for her role in the movie The Color Purple, suggested that if the Court rules in Trump’s favor, it could open up a Pandora’s Box.

In the comedian’s view, it could even prompt the current President to go on a dictatorial spree.

“Let’s look at a scenario where the Supreme Court says yes, he has all those rights. He is immune from everything. You know what Joe Biden could do since he is presently president? Wooooo!” Goldberg said.

“He could throw every Republican in jail. I mean, he could!” she added.

Goldberg had to caution against the far-left audience’s exuberance over that idea, saying, “No, No, this is not a good thing.”

Whoopi Goldberg: “Let’s look at a scenario where the Supreme Court says he is immune from everything. You know what Joe Biden could do since he is presently president? He could throw every Republican in jail.” pic.twitter.com/LKleZ8vz0a

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) February 29, 2024

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Goldberg Thinks Presidential Immunity Could Lead To Biden Jailing His Political Opponents

Most legal experts, even those on left-leaning media outlets, have declared that the Supreme Court’s decision to review presidential immunity is a major victory for the leading presidential candidate for the Republican party.

The Court set an expedited timeline with, as Goldberg relayed, arguments beginning the week of April 22. The decision could potentially delay Trump’s trial until after the election.

Special Counsel Jack Smith had urged the court to dismiss Trump’s push for a review of presidential immunity, but if they insisted, requested a speedy timeline.

Even if the court were to render a decision quickly based on this timeline and rule against Trump, it now seems highly unlikely that the trial regarding January 6th would be resolved before the election in November.

Law expert Rick Hasen suggested that the decision means it “could well be game over” for the special counsel case.

The Supreme Court has taken the Trump immunity case, as predicted. Means Jack Smith will struggle to get the DC case brought before the election. Earliest it could start is late summer. Big win for Trump. Joe Biden flailing.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) February 28, 2024

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Biden Already Doing That, Whoopi

Goldberg should not be confused with an expert on political matters, especially those involving the highest court in the land. None of the ladies of “The View” have any special knowledge when it comes to these things, despite the audience hanging on their every word.

That said, it seems unlikely that Goldberg has been living under a rock. We know when she says President Biden “could throw every Republican in jail,” she’s seen actual instances of this.

Not lawmakers per se, but certainly Republican voters.

Finally someone at FOX has gotten @JessicaTarlov to shut up. pic.twitter.com/wsqQHcVWuh

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) January 24, 2024

Biden’s Justice Department has jailed mostly peaceful protestors from January 6th, jailed pro-life grandmothers who protest abortion clinics, had the DOJ target Catholic churches, and pursued concerned parents at school board meetings as terrorists.

President Biden didn’t need a Supreme Court review of presidential immunity to spearhead that effort. He just did it.

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