Won’t somebody please think of the NBA Finals?!

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Did you know there’s an NBA Finals going on?

Did you know there’s an NBA Finals going on?
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The next time someone fixes their lips to tell you how much they hate dynasties and the same teams winning all the time, please stop them before they begin spewing lies because they’re full of more crap than a Porta Potty. This Denver Nuggets-Miami Heat NBA Finals has already been one of the more disrespected championship series we’ve seen. Everything and everybody involved with the Association seems to be making news that manages to overshadow what’s happening on the court — and only two games have been played.

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Kyrie Irving is trying to lure LeBron to Dallas

If it’s not Kyrie Irving’s forthcoming free agency, it’s him allegedly trying to lure LeBron James to Dallas. Earlier this week, there were (unsubstantiated) rumors of James’ teammate Austin Reaves supposedly being seen hanging out with Taylor Swift. Today it was Zion Williamson being put on blast via Twitter by a porn star for getting a stripper pregnant and announcing it to the world. And who knows if Ja Morant will flash another gun — “toy” or not — so we all lose our minds. But seriously, some of these dudes are making horrible life decisions.

With all this extracurricular activity (take that however you want) going on, Commissioner Adam Silver might as well go ahead and drop that Morant punishment for all his recent foolishness. The commish said he wants to wait until they’ve crowned their new champion, but why wait? No one else has been shy about interfering with the Finals, and most fans could care less. Ultimately the ratings at the end will tell the real story, but it’s a great series we’ve got happening.

It’s too bad other NBA players don’t give a damn, either. A rumor like Kyrie reaching out to LeBron to lure him to the Mavs doesn’t get out unless someone wants it out. And that could’ve waited, especially since the rumors of Irving heading to Los Angeles have floated around for months. But it’s not surprising. Everyone knows how much James loves the spotlight and wants to keep it on him since he’s not in the NBA Finals. Between his possible “retirement” and more talk of him and Kyrie reuniting, King James will occupy news feeds the entire summer.

Zion announced that he’s going to be a dad

As for Zion. No words. As in, no words can sum up the stupidity involved in that situation. With Morant, Silver might as well hit him with that 30-game suspension and get it over with. You know it’s going to be heavy because Ja’s reps have come out claiming it was a toy gun; he was seen flashing on camera for a second time. Hey, maybe it was. And there’s also a sucker born every minute. We’ll soon see which category Adam Silver’s office falls into.

Try not to get too distracted by all the peripheral nonsense around the NBA Finals. It’s a very good, entertaining series that’ll likely go seven games. It’ll be tough but try to tune out all the distractions other NBA hoopers are causing and enjoy this series. 

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