Hilarious: Check Out NYC’s Fliers Warning Illegal Immigrants That They Will Find No Sanctuary And The City Is Awful

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New York City’s illegal immigrant problem is so bad that they are handing out fliers warning that there is no sanctuary to be found and that the city is a difficult place to live.

While most cities like to brag about their abundant resources and their welcoming atmosphere, New York City is taking a different route in an effort to keep illegals away.

Of course, they were all too willing when Donald Trump was President to brag of being a sanctuary city as part of a sanctuary state.

Now, however, since Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has been encouraging New York City officials to put their money where their mouth is by bussing the illegal aliens to them, things have changed dramatically.

As such, fliers are going out encouraging illegals to stay away or, in the case of those already there, to find somewhere else to stay.

New York City officials announce that they will be handing out these flyers to migrants at shelters and intake shelters here in the City as well as at the border

The flyer says the city has no more room and can not help migrants obtain a work permit pic.twitter.com/6Co8ZvY0Z0

— Morgan McKay (@morganfmckay) September 27, 2023

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New York City To Illegal Immigrants: We Don’t Want You

The fliers being handed out by New York City officials to illegal immigrants are the equivalent of attempting to slam the door in their faces, and then bolting it shut.

Which, as we all know, is super-racist and xenophobic.

The bullet points are truly something to behold as each tries desperately either to explain why it is a bad idea for illegal aliens to come there, or it is just a garbage city in the first place.

They should be passing this flier out to taxpayers of the city https://t.co/cnus7uISqM

— Ryan James Girdusky (@RyanGirdusky) September 27, 2023

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First off are the warnings to the illegal immigrants that there is no room at the inn so to speak.

“You will not be placed in a hotel,” they warn. As for those already being sheltered, they need to pack their bags.

“Asylum seekers are now getting letters to move out of the shelter,” it reads.

Man we’ve come a long way from rolling out the welcome mat and boasting about providing “sanctuary,” haven’t we?

Things truly change when it’s your city being invaded.

NYC is handing out flyers to migrants telling them how bad NYC is.

“NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world. You are better off going to a more affordable city.”

Has a city ever posted its own Ls?https://t.co/4yefjDNVCr

— Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) September 28, 2023

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Also, New York City Kinda Sucks

Aside from closing the curtains and hiding under the bed at the sight of illegal immigrants, New York City officials are taking the unusual approach of bashing their own city.

“New York City’s resources have been exhausted,” they write, a sad statement considering they’ve only received a fraction of the illegal immigrants that inundate border states and cities.

“NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world,” it continues. “You are better off going to a more affordable city.”

One of the arrows is like don’t come to New York, instead just go to (throws dart) somewhere in the middle of South Dakota pic.twitter.com/EP9ZNyXerW

— Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) September 28, 2023

It almost makes you feel bad for the legal residents of New York City who have to endure the out-of-control costs of living there.

To paraphrase WWE wrestler Bret Hart, if you had to give America an enema, New York City is where you would stick the hose.

The Political Insider previously reported that NYC was dropping similar fliers at the border over the summer trying to discourage illegal aliens from coming. Apparently, it didn’t work.

Those fliers specifically pointed out what is super-expensive in the city including housing, “food, transportation, and other necessities.”

“Everything sucks in New York City!” is a hell of a pitch.

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