The UFO Hearing Taught Us How Government Really Works, Not About UFOs

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Everyone has, at some point, pondered if we are alone in the universe. Growing up on shows like the original Carl Sagan “Cosmos,” “The X-Files,” and movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I, like many in my generation, find the UFO topic at a minimum interesting if not now damn near Earth-shattering. 

I watched the latest UFO hearing that featured three compelling witnesses, and I can say the hearing was leaps and bounds more fascinating than the first two. However, I am not as convinced that full disclosure has occurred.

Other than the sheer awesomeness that in my lifetime, on Congressional record, a former intelligence official claims under oath that our government has biologics of non-human origin, the hearing struck a chord with me in a completely different way. What the congressmen and women were trying to get to the bottom of and what the witnesses aimed to reach was the truth.

And the truth is, whether you believe in little green men or not is that entrenched unelected bureaucratic mechanisms in this country operate outside what should be the watchful eye of our elected representatives.

Is the government deliberately distracting us with UFO disclosures to keep us from reflecting on the million ways We the People are being sold down the river?

— Dr. Carol M. Swain (@carolmswain) July 27, 2023

Follow the money, if you can

The witness garnering what seems to be the most attention is whistleblower and former intelligence official David Grusch. Mr. Grusch was certainly a poised witness and had a lot of fantastical claims that, if true, would completely uproot the nature of how we view ourselves and each other. 

But it was the answers he provided Congressman Jared Moskowitz that made me chuckle. When explaining that there have been decades-long programs within the Pentagon to collect and reverse engineer downed UFOs without the oversight of Congress, Mr. Moskowitz wondered how that could be.

After all, Congress controls the purse strings, and anything they agree to fund should be within their purview. To imply otherwise would be to suggest that our federal government misappropriates funds. 

To be more precise, Congressman Moskowitz asked:

“Does that mean that there is money in the budget that is set to go to a program but it doesn’t and it goes to something else?”

To which Mr. Grusch answered with an obvious affirmative. You don’t have to be a career defense financial manager to know that the federal government plays fast and loose with the money it receives from Congress.

I fully support the idea of the creation of a Select Committee on UAP with subpoena power. @timburchett @VoteAPL

— Jared Moskowitz 🟧 (@JaredEMoskowitz) July 27, 2023

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Does anyone honestly believe the Pentagon has failed five consecutive audits because they are just that incompetent? Not even CNN’s Jake Tapper believed that the Pentagon just magically stumbled upon a $3 billion accounting error to give Ukraine more aid. 

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Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Let’s take a break from flying saucers for a spell and focus on other areas of mass government deception. Earlier this year, congressional hearings dug up proof that scientists purposely downplayed the possibility that the origin of the COVID virus that rocked this planet could’ve been from a Chinese lab leak. 

They did so to avoid an apparent “shit show” that would ensue if anyone of any scientific credibility dared to implicate China. For the better part of two years, if you dared to suggest that the COVID pandemic could’ve been due to Chinese negligence at best or purposeful sabotage at worst, you were labeled a racist, science-denier, or conspiracy theorist. 

Funny how conspiracy theories tend to be true as of late. Then, there is the White House, which proudly proclaimed that they had declassified 99% of the JFK Assassination files.

The government is really going to tell us UFOs exist before they say what happened to JFK or to whom Epstein trafficked little girls.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 26, 2023

As though we should all be thankful that 1% of the files are still kept in the dark for reasons unknown. But God help you if you imply that this bizarre, unexplained reason to keep files still behind lock and key may be because perhaps the government had a role in the death of the beloved Kennedy. 

But no group seems to be as proficient in subversion as the five-sided building.

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Who do they work for?

I never had much desire to work in the Pentagon. As a senior enlisted leader, I was glad I didn’t have a role that warranted assignment in the building.

After I retired and became a contractor, I avoided access to the building like the plague. I just knew that the halls of that building were filled with self-important suits looking out for numero uno, and that certainly wasn’t the American people.

Take, for example, the Department of Defense’s targeted efforts to subvert the truth behind what they knew about the Afghan government’s capabilities before our botched withdrawal. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR) lead John Sopko said after his damning report was finally made public:

“They knew how bad the Afghan military was, and if you had a clearance, you could find out…but the average American wouldn’t know how bad it was.”

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Then there were the leaked Pentagon papers that proved the DOD knew about four other spy balloons not previously disclosed. Hell, they even had a naming convention set up for them, it happened so often. 

And one of my favorites was the disclosure that even though former President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of all troops from Syria, unelected government members decided they knew best.

As former diplomat, Jim Jeffrey said:

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there.”

The leadership Mr. Jeffrey is referring to is your duly elected President, the Commander-in-Chief, who gave direct orders.

There’s a reason the same morons in intel community, pentagon who lie and fumble about everything else WANT the conversation to be about UFOs now

Feed the cattle MORE SLOP

— Darren J. Beattie 🌐 (@DarrenJBeattie) July 26, 2023

In search of what

Congressman Tim Burchett said at the UFO hearing that:

“The devil’s been in our way.”

Who is the devil he refers to? The intelligence community and the Pentagon. 

As he put it, they have:

“…prevented Congress from obtaining government reports about UFOs.”

The devil has always been there and is much larger than just the intelligence community and the stooges at the Pentagon. Maybe you don’t give a fig about UFOs and aliens.

I don’t blame you; the frustration behind the lack of hard evidence and the unfortunate plethora of personalities that don’t lend credibility to the subject can be tiring, even for this want-to-be believer. But what you should care about is the fact that unelected entities that are given unlimited and unchecked positional and resource power hide their activities not just from you – they hide them from the people you elected.

Perhaps there isn’t a secret UFO program or dead aliens locked away in a bunker below an Air Force base somewhere. But what is true is that your government lies to you and Congress every day and has been for decades. 

Ever since Marco Rubio suddenly became a big UFO aficionado my working assumption has been that any government-sponsored UFO hype is ultimately geared toward pouring even more $$$$$$ into various “National Security” boondoggles to fight Russia and China in outer-space or whatever

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) July 27, 2023

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